girls who pretend to act stupid because they think it’s cute need to be slapped in the face with a brick

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Mein Gewicht raubt mir langsam den Verstand. Nein es hat mir bereits den Verstand geraubt. Jedes Mal auf der Waage könnte ich weinen… Ich hasse mich dafür.

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"Der Drang zur Perfektion macht uns alle kaputt."

Komisch das mir immer kalt ist, ich dachte fett wärmt.

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Der tägliche Blick in den Spiegel wird auch immer unerträglicher.

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animeab-deactivated20140904 asked:
Hello lovely! Please don't hurt yourself! You are worth so much more than that! You are a gorgeous and beautiful human being! Please don't forget that! Please feel free to message me and I will listen and not judge you... I love you! Stay strong! <3

Thank you so much! 

Reblog if you have ever : self harmed, purged, binged, skipped a meal, fasted, cut, burn, bruise, thought of killing yourself, attempted to kill yourself, or done anything harmful to yourself


I swear for everyone who reblogs this I will message you! I love you all please stay strong!!